Asymmetric Solutions USA, LLC  

Location: Farmington, MO; May 2013

Private tactical training company that provides training to state and local first responders, professionals and civilians and is staffed by combat experienced US SpecOps veterens. 


Location: Boston, MA; May 2014 

Builds professional communities that create greater engagement and strengthen customer affinity. The company provides its members with resources and social capital they need to succeed.  Members generate billions of dollars in revenue and have created tens of thousands of jobs.

DiverterPlus, LLC 

Location: Chesterfield, MO; June 2017 

Leading supplier of customizable degradable oilfield diverting agents.  By offering a unique and customizable particle size distribution, DiverterPlus can provide an effective diversion material for many fracturing treatment applications.  

Homebase, LLC

Location: Kansas City, MO; February 2016

Homebase partners with real estate developers, owners, and property managers to deliver intelligent, connected multi-family communities providing a competitive advantage by utilizing the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) smart home technology.

Katasi, LLC  

Location: Boulder, CO; December 2013 

Katasi has developed a carried-based technology solution for distracted driving. Katasi's patented technology, through relationships with network carriers, limits the use of cell phones and other smart devices while the driver's vehicle is in use. 

redlyst, LLC  

Location: St. Louis, MO; November 2018

redlyst  offers enhanced situational awareness by identifying potential threats with state-of-the-art facial recognition and patent-pending, shared persons of interest database technologies.